Slomo is an online slow motion video aggregator website where users can watch, share and embed videos and gifs.

What they needed

With no previous online presence, the client needed to make a bold entrance with a fresh site that could gain authority quickly. They required the website that would be able to handle spikes in traffic when videos sparked public interest and to be easily navigated by any user. They needed a simple and effective site to show videos that didn’t affect the page load and that could be updated and adapted regularly.

How we helped

We created a simple and clean design website that boasts custom functionality and fast page loads that is easily navigated and intertwined with social media for sharing and liking popular videos. Responsive design was essential to this project as the most popular traffic came from mobile users. We created a custom GIF feature that only loaded single GIFs on hover. This ensured the page would continue to load quickly and still have the resources necessary.

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